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Star Wars Robotics Competition 

Designing for Robustness and Utility.








Star Wars Robotics Competition

Design & Manufacturing I (MIT Course #: 2.007)

Feb - May 2018

Shop Tools - (Mill/Lathe, Drill Press), Sheet Metal Bending, Basic & Advanced Prototyping, Fundamental Calculations for Torque, Center of Mass, etc.

SolidWorks - CAD, Arduino

2.007 was a class that hosted a robotics competition with over 150+ students/participants. In the class, students were required to build robots from scratch in order to earn points by doing different functions on a Star Wars themed playing field, which was composed of 2 floors and shaped like an X-wing.



The Playing

Field: The



The playing field was modeled after the X-wing Starfighter jet from the Star Wars Series. Two opponents were allowed on the playing field at a time. Each player would start his/her robot(s) in his/her designated color area - one on the left (yellow) and one of the right (green).

I built two separate robots which were controlled by a PS2 Controller in order to perform two different functions. Robot A climbed to the second floor to spin a motor, and Robot B stayed on the first floor to push objects into a trench.

Robot A

Robot A needed to do a few things. It's main objective was to spin one of the X-Wing's engines (indicated by the red arrow on the first picture in the gallery to the right). The back of the X-wing engine had 4 holes which could be utilized to spin the engine. I made appropriate torque calculations in order to reach the rotational speed the engine needed to be spun for max points (25 rpm), which was located on the second floor.


To reach the second floor, Robot A climbed a ramp and spun a wheel in an elevator in order to rise to the 2nd floor. Robot A had a pair of "upper wheels." When they came in contact with the elevator wheel, the upper wheels would spin to activate the elevator.

Robot B was a smaller robot that stayed on the 1st floor. I build a bulldozer-like robot that can push storm troopers into a trench which is diagrammed in the photo gallery to the right. I used a slant because it is a very generic shape that can push  

Robot B
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