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Blue Goji
Make 30 minutes of cardio feel like 5









Blue Goji

Product Design Engineer

R&D Researcher, Product Developer, Test Engineer, Project Manager, Product Marketer

June 2020 - Present

Rapid-prototyping, 2D & 3D CAD, Jira, Confluence, Documentation, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro 

Austin, TX

Blue Goji

Blue Goji is a new type of health and rehabilitation technology startup company that focuses on improving the physical and brain health of our client users in hospitals and clinics (e.g. patients). Through gamification, we have leveraged the latest virtual reality and gaming technologies to create a unique platform for cardio and neuro rehabilitation and patient management services. Currently, we have partners with Chicago's Shirley Ryan Ability Lab and LA's Pacific Brain Health.   

"Infinity” is Blue Goji’s patented treadmill -- the core hardware component of the Infinity VR (Virtual Reality) System.  The Infinity VR System is an innovative platform that integrates a user’s physical movements with their visual perception, cognitive, auditory, balance, and memory based faculties.  As implied by its name, Infinity is specifically designed for an “infinite” range of applications, from the groundbreaking cardio, neuro rehabilitation services (for our current focus on rehab hospitals and clinics), to sport and performance training, and active eSports activities.


Infinity with GojiPlay Controllers

Blue Goji-Patient.PNG

User testing Infinity at the Veterans Affairs Department in Los Angeles, CA


Being in a startup setting, I've filled many roles and worn many hats. However, my main role at Blue Goji is as a Product Design Engineer in the R&D department. In this role:

  • Spearheading the development of an innovative exercise platform that infuses VR gaming to reinvent exercise while utilizing human-centered design, ergonomics, and human factors

  • Designing electromechanical systems, assemblies, and test fixtures with motors, pressure + force sensors through rapid-prototyping, 3D CAD, and machining tools

  • Developed different fixtures and accessories to enhance Blue Goji's current hardware including integrating VR base stations, Azure Kinect Cameras, and developing controllers for lower mobility patients

  • Founded, build, and developed a maker space in Blue Goji's main office which includes, a 3D Formlabs Printer (SLA), a desktop CNC machine, a Dremel, and other basic tools

  • Mentored UC Berkeley 10 graduate Mechanical Engineering students in Blue Goji’s industry-sponsored capstone project with fabrication/prototyping advice, product design approaches, and engineering problem solving


As a project manager of the R&D department of Blue Goji, I quickly learned that there were many things that went into planning the development of our projects. In a startup setting, I had the chance to discover and develop the building blocks of what R&D's project management structure would be. My role as a project manager included responsibilities of:

  • Defining the scope of R&D department's projects, estimating project timelines, and managing and planning the project's costs and resources (including budgeting time of teams and employees)

  • Managing relationships with 3rd party vendors and stakeholders who are closely involved with our projects

  • Organizing and keeping in stock the the office's inventory of supplies and equipment 

  • Applying and adapting scrum methodology to hardware development for agile planning


As a product marketing, I had the opportunities to speak and interact with our various clients and investigate the best way that Infinity can benefit our customers which includes:

  • Defining Blue Goji's + Infinity's role, brand, and narrative in the market and scoping out competitors

  • Developing illustrations and diagrams to explain Infinity to clients and potential customers

  • Storyboarding, filming, and video editing content to market Infinity with Adobe Illustrator + Premiere Pro

Below is a short video that I storyboarded, filmed, and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro with the purpose of giving more insight to clients about the capabilities of Infinity.

Many of the specifics of my projects are proprietary in nature, so I will not disclose this information on my portfolio. Please let me know if you have further questions concerning this project and my role at Blue Goji.

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