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From a young age, I've always been interested in pushing the boundaries of my art skills and the boundaries of the art world.

Whether it be through the medium or tools I choose, every choice I make can impact a piece of art greatly. The following images are evidence for my statement and the results of trials of experimenting with different mediums, subjects, and even composition. I hope you enjoy looking at my art.


I participated in the Trashion's Fashion Show in order to raise awareness about waste reduction in the fashion industry through sustainable design. I designed a dress that is entirely made out of paper and a single trash bag. 

The shirt was crafted by gluing multiple pages from a book side by side and then was loosely inspired by an origami folding technique known as Miura folding. This style gives an accordion-type look that gives an interesting pattern for the viewer. 

The clear trash bag was used to act as a sort of train for the skirt. On the train were detailed pieces of various origami flowers. Each flower was also made from the pages of a recycled book. 

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